What is a diaphragm pump?

A diaphragm pump, also known as a membrane pump, is a hydraulically or mechanically driven positive displacement pump which uses a combination of reciprocating motion and either a globe valve or a ball valve to transfer fluids.

Diaphragm pumps are self-priming and are ideal for viscous fluids. Almost all major industries use diaphragm pumps. They are commonly used to move abrasive fluids, including concrete, or acids and chemicals. They are also often used in cars and airplanes.


Air driven diaphragm pumps

An air-operated double diaphragm pump is a pneumatic pump that uses an air valve that directs compressed air back and forth between two sides of the pump.

Air operated diaphragm pumps can transfer liquids with low, medium or high viscosity as well as liquids with suspended solids. They can also handle very harsh chemicals, such as acids, because they can be built with a wide variety of body materials and membranes.


How does a diaphragm pump work?

Diaphragm pumps use two flexible diaphragms mounted on a shared shaft that repeatedly move back and forth in strokes to pump fluids into and out of the pump's fluid chamber. This movement creates a vacuum, which allows fluid to be absorbed through an inlet port.

When the membranes are then pushed back to their original positions via compressed air, the fluid is pushed out of the project chamber through an outlet port. This cycle repeats as the diaphragm operates, creating the pumping action this device is known for.

The left diaphragm is pushed into the fluid chamber, displacing fluid through the open valve at the top of the exhaust port. At the same time, fluid is drawn into the right ventricle through the right membrane. At the end of the stroke, the positions are reversed and the cycle is repeated in reverse order as shown in the picture.


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What are diaphragm pumps used for?

As general workhorses, diaphragm pumps are used in many different applications, including:

  • Food – transfer, dosing and distribution of water or chocolate
  • Coatings - transfer, dispensing and distribution of paint or ink, feed pump for spray guns
  • Chemical processing - for loading and unloading tankers, for grouping or dosing of chemicals
  • Galvanizing and Anodizing - Adding chemicals to tanks for electroplating or metal finishing, agitation of cleaning solutions and filtration
  • Pulp and paper - printing ink, glue and bulk glue transfer
  • Oil and gas - filter press, bulk fuel transfer, sludge transfer
  • Water and wastewater treatment - transfer of suspended solid media, such as water/wastewater
  • Mining - for the dewatering of surface and underground sites and quarries, transfer of slurries and sludge, transfer of fuel for vehicles or heavy construction equipment


What are the advantages of air driven diaphragm pumps?

Diaphragm pumps offer a number of advantages, namely:

  • Diaphragm pumps cause less wear on the diaphragm compared to a mechanically driven pump, thanks to the pressure balance provided by the compressed air. This means that diaphragm pumps can run for a longer period of time without damage and also have a longer life.
  • Their design allows complete separation of fluids and sensitive parts, reducing the frequency of repairs.
  • They are resistant to abrasion and viscous (viscous) liquids.
  • Since their operating mechanisms do not produce sparks or friction, diaphragm pumps are suitable for use in hazardous environments, such as places where flammable materials are present.
  • The only stationary seals in diaphragm pumps are located between the wetted parts and the outside of the device, leakage can only occur if one or both diaphragms fail.


How to use an air operated diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pumps have a range of advantages and can have somewhat specialized requirements for their installation. By following these instructions, you can avoid all kinds of costs and damage to your diaphragm pump:

  • They must be mounted on a solid base or surface as the mechanism of the diaphragms of this pump causes the pump to vibrate during operation. The suction and discharge connections must be flexible connections (such as rubber hose, not corrugated pipe) and must be compatible with the fluids being pumped.
  • The suction line or hose from the liquid inlet must be at least as large as the suction port. If this is not observed, the pump will lose its function. In addition, the hose should be as short as possible and as close as possible to the supply vessel.
  • It is critical that the air supply line is the correct size. Using an air line that is too small can result in a shortage of compressed air. Proper airflow is necessary for effective diaphragm pump operation.
  • To control the flow rate and pressure of diaphragm pumps, an air pressure regulator must be installed in the air supply line of the pump to regulate the incoming air pressure.


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