Central Lubrication

A central lubrication system streamlines maintenance, reduces downtime and extends your machinery’s lifespan. Centralized automatic lubrication systems are an effective way to increase machine reliability and stimulate efficient machinery operation, leading to a higher productivity rate. Discover Ancotech’s central lubrication solutions and find out how they can enhance your machinery.

What does a central lubrication system do?

Central lubrication is an automated lubrication system that supplies lubricants to machine parts and reduces friction, wear and overheating. It enhances the longevity of your equipment, optimizes operating performance, minimizes maintenance efforts and prevents premature failure and defects. Operating either continuously or intermittently, the central lubrication system contributes to efficient machinery operation, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

This type of lubrication system is vital across industries with complex machinery. Examples of industries are manufacturing, mining, construction and transportation. Central lubrication systems are commonly used in assembly lines, conveyor systems, food processing and mining equipment. The multiple moving parts of these systems require frequent lubrication in order to function properly.

The advantages of central lubrication

Businesses can benefit from the use of a central lubrication system, ranging from minimizing downtime to operational safety for their employees. We have listed the most important advantages of central lubrication below:

  • Significant savings in repair and overhaul
  • Increased machine reliability
  • Up to 50% savings on lubricant costs through accurate lubricant timing and dosing
  • Fewer downtimes and production losses
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • More safety for employees

How does central lubrication work?

How exactly does central lubrication work? It is not necessary to stop the machine before greasing. An Automatic Lubrication System (ALS) continuously lubricates the machine while it is in operation. Each cycle a small amount of grease continues to flow. Aside from that, waste is kept out even when the machine is used in harsh conditions. With smart sensors and monitoring equipment in a lubrication system it makes it possible to take advantage of big data. By mapping the entire grease process, operators can prevent machine set up failures and take preventative action.

Lubrication is a crucial aspect in the reliability of your machines. But for many operators it is becoming too much of a challenge. With an easier way to lubricate your machines, you can maintain reliability without the expense and hassle of lubricating by hand. Although the cost of installing an automatic lubrication system is higher, the investment will pay for itself faster than one might think. First, labor costs are reduced, but you also save time by reducing downtime and extending component life.

Ancotech: your trusted partner

Ancotech is a trusted Lincoln Industry partner, Pressol partner and Graco partner, providing you with a comprehensive range of products and solutions. We not only import and offer their products, you can also use our reliable services for advice, installation, maintenance and repairs to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible. As a specialist in automatic lubrication systems we offer multiple machinery and equipment lubrication solutions such as:

Ancotech: installation, advice, service and maintenance

As a recognized “SKF Lubrication Systems Distributor”, Ancotech is not only your partner for Lincoln and SKF lubrication systems, pneumatic pumps and grease guns. We can also provide professional advice and installation. With our own team of technicians, we provide installation, service and maintenance. In addition, we have our own developed and well-equipped workshop located in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands where we can repair and overhaul all Lincoln pumps for you. Whether it is an electric pump or an automatic lubrication system or a pneumatic pump, all principles are covered with us.

Ancotech is happy to offer the full package:

  • Full service
  • Free advice
  • International shipping
  • Maintenance and repair done at our own workshop
  • Quick replacement in case of broken parts, due to our large stock
  • Wide range of lubricant solutions for every situation
  • Certified importer and dealer of Lincoln Industrial

Order a central lubrication system

Discover our various lubrication solutions and find out which caters to your needs best. You can place an order on our website and we will handle the domestic or international shipment of your central lubrication system adequately from our warehouse in The Netherlands with the service of DHL. Each item on our website has a real-time stock status. Would you like to receive more information or do you have any specific questions? Please contact us through our contact form or call +31 (0)72-561 65 53.