PileDriver pumps

Force of Precision with the Lincoln PileDriver series

In the demanding realm of industrial applications, precision, durability, and efficiency are paramount. Enter the Lincoln PileDriver. A revolutionary force in the industry, the PileDriver stands as the epitome of excellence, ensuring unmatched performance across a myriad of applications.

PileDriver® pumps

The PileDriver series was birthed by Lincoln Industrial, a brand with a storied legacy that traces back to 1910. As a trailblazer in the lubrication sector, Lincoln Industrial has consistently rolled out groundbreaking solutions tailored to the dynamic requirements of global industries. The PileDriver series stands as a testament to Lincoln's unwavering dedication to innovation, superior quality, and dependability.

Introduced to offer a sturdy and efficient solution for lubrication and fluid management in diverse industrial settings, the PileDriver series has undergone continuous evolution. Each new version has brought forth enhancements in performance, adaptability, and user experience. The PileDriver III, the latest jewel in this crown, encapsulates Lincoln's deep-rooted expertise in lubrication technology, promising unmatched performance, longevity, and ease of upkeep. It's the preferred choice for industries across the globe.

Be it construction, manufacturing, or any other rigorous industrial endeavor, when it comes to pumping substances like oil, grease, ink, or viscous fluids, the Lincoln PileDriver stands unparalleled in its class.

The PileDriver lineup encompasses a spectrum of models, each crafted for a unique set of operations. From agile compact units tailored for smaller operations to robust models designed for expansive industrial tasks, there's a PileDriver tailored for every requirement. Each variant is equipped with cutting-edge features, making it the prime choice for professionals prioritizing efficiency and precision.

Lincoln PileDriver III Key features

The PileDriver III is a cutting-edge industrial pump, engineered for unmatched performance and reliability. Here are its standout features:

  • Fully Pneumatic Air Motors: Just like the PowerMaster III, the PileDriver III is equipped with fully pneumatic air motors, available in diameters of 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 inches. These motors possess a full six-inch stroke, ensuring enhanced output per cycle. Paired with diverse pump tubes, they guarantee a wide range of volume outputs and ratios.
  • Modular Design: The PileDriver III boasts a modular architecture, simplifying repairs. With a mere five moving components and zero metal-to-metal contact, it minimizes wear and tear.
  • Versatile Pump Tubes: The pump tubes of the PileDriver III come in varied ratios and outputs, ensuring compatibility with any application. They can be adapted to any drum or pail size and are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or hard-chrome plating.
  • AirBrake™ Technology: This feature ensures the pump halts instantly when excessive pump cycle speed is detected, safeguarding against potential damage and indicating system issues.
  • Leakless Gland Assembly: Addressing the common issue of gland seal failures, Lincoln's innovative gland design mitigates the causes of premature gland seal wear.
  • Chimeless Drum Kits: For materials in straight-sided drums, Lincoln offers kits that facilitate seamless pump extraction.
  • Primer, Pressure Primer & Air Motor Accessories: The PileDriver III is complemented by a suite of accessories, including gland protection sleeves and airline kits.
  • Ball Pumps and Shovel Foot Pumps: Catering to diverse materials, the PileDriver III offers ball-style pumps for fluid substances and shovel foot-style pumps for thicker materials.
  • Note: Features might differ based on the specific PileDriver III model.

    The PileDriver Advantage

    The merits of the PileDriver are manifold. Its avant-garde technology guarantees top-tier performance, enabling swift task completion. With PileDriver, operational hiccups become obsolete.

    Furthermore, the reliability of PileDriver is unparalleled. Constructed for longevity, these units ensure consistent output, guaranteeing seamless operations. Their intuitive design ensures effortless handling, even for intricate tasks.

    Ancotech: Your Trusted PileDriver Ally

    For all your PileDriver needs, Ancotech stands as the trusted partner. As a premier distributor, we offer an exhaustive range of PileDriver products, ensuring you pinpoint the ideal solution.

    Our alliance extends beyond mere product supply. As a service provider, Ancotech offers expert maintenance and repair solutions, ensuring your PileDriver units remain in pristine condition. With Ancotech by your side, optimal PileDriver performance is a given.

    In summation, the Lincoln PileDriver, with its unmatched performance and reliability, is the definitive answer for your industrial needs. Partner with Ancotech, and you're assured of top-notch products and services, ensuring seamless operations. Discover the PileDriver distinction today.

    Ready to make a purchase?

    To delve deeper into PileDriver® pumps or to discuss repair or overhaul services, reach out to us at +31 (0)72 - 561 65 53 or via our contact form. We're here to assist.

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