Battery-operated grease guns

Battery Grease Guns

If you are looking for a battery grease gun, Ancotech Lubrication systems is where you should start looking. We have the right battery grease gun for every application. The Lincoln PowerLuber™ has been a leader in battery grease guns for decades. The products improvement has resulted in the two current PowerLuber™ Litium Ion models: 20V and 12V.

Lincoln has several instructional videos with which you can see how to bleed your grease gun the right way and for cleaning the grease gun. You can use these videos if your battery grease gun stops working properly. You can easily assess whether you can solve the problem yourself or if it needs to be repaired by an expert. Here at Ancotech we have a wide variety of parts and accessories in stock. If your battery grease gun is not working properly, we can offer the possibility to check your device for malfunctions and repair it if necessary.

Buy a battery grease gun at Ancotech

    • Free and non-binding advice for every problem;
    • Repair and overhaul done in our own workshop;
    • Large stock, broken parts can be replaced quickly;
    • Wide range of products, fast shipping;
    • Full service from A to Z. We offer a solution for every problem.

You can simply order the grease gun of your choice via our website. Would you like more information before placing an order? Please feel free to contact us.

Operating grease guns

A grease gun is designed for processing lubrication greases. By means of a grease gun, the grease does not end up everywhere. Lubricating machines, vehicles and other devices is a dirty job. By using a grease gun, you can apply the right amount of grease to each grease nipple.

We have several types of grease guns in stock and ready to ship. We have several hand-operated grease guns such as hand and scissors grease guns. However, the use of these grease guns is quite heavy. That is why you can also buy a pneumatic grease gun or a battery grease gun. These require much less effort when lubricating.

Lincoln grease guns

Lincoln Industrial makes various products, including grease guns. Ancotech Lubrication Technique is the official importer and recognized dealer of Lincoln Industrial. Ancotech Lubrication Technique several in house experts who can carry out repairs on your Lincoln grease gun. Lincoln is a brand that carries a lot of quality. This makes them an established name in lubrication applications.

Why choose Ancotech Lubrication Technology?

We are Ancotech Lubrication technology, we are a proud dealer and importer of Lincoln Industrial since 1996. Because we have specialized in the field of liquid and oil pumps, we can help in various sectors to improve your production output. In addition, it is our goal to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

We have a long going partnership with Lincoln Industrial. This allows us to provide you with a great service as well as a solution for every problem. Ancotech has various in-house experts who can disassemble, clean, inspect and repair a wide variety of grease pumps and grease guns.

Fast shipment

If you want to order a battery grease gun, you can do so directly via our website. We can ship your order as soon as possible with DHL.

Would you like to obtain more information for your order, or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions. You can reach us at +31 (0)72-561 65 53, send an email to [email protected] or fill in the contact form.

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