Grease nipples

Grease gun fittings or grease nipples needed for your grease gun? Regular maintenance and lubrication using grease gun fittings are essential to prolonging the lifespan of machinery, preventing premature wear and tear and ensuring optimal performance. Grease nipples come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of machinery and applications. At Ancotech we offer a wide range of grease fittings. Order your desired product on our website and we will make sure it reaches you as fast as possible. We ship both domestically and internationally from our warehouse in The Netherlands.

What are grease gun fittings used for?

How do you efficiently use the grease in your grease gun? Grease gun fittings are also known as zerk fittings and grease nipples. These grease gun fittings are screwed into a drilled opening of your machinery. The grease fitting consists of a metal body with a small opening that is connected to a grease gun or lubrication system. The other end of this fitting is attached to the moving part that needs lubricant. Under pressure, a lubricant is forced through the housing to facilitate the lubrication of these moving parts, such as bearings, joints and other components that move. Grease nipples protrude from the side of the housing and are designed for a controlled and efficient application of lubricating grease.

The opening of the grease gun fittings are often blocked by means of a ball. This ball is pushed away so that the lubricant then flows into the machine’s moving parts. As soon as the pressure is reduced, the ball closes the grease fitting again. This prevents dirt from entering the device and prevents the lubricant from flowing back out of the housing through the grease nipple.

Various types of grease fittings

A wide variety of types of grease fittings are available at Ancotech. The types of grease nipples that we offer are:

  • Standard hydraulic grease fitting
  • Button head zerk fitting
  • Ball-type zerk fitting
  • Pin-type zerk fitting

We offer the standard hydraulic zerk fittings in the straight version, angled version, angled version and extended version. These are available in steel and stainless steel. Due to our real time stock system our customers always have an exact overview of how many products are in stock the moment they want to place an order. Are you looking for a different type of fitting or do you need help finding the right solution for your desired application? Do not hesitate to contact us for an enquiry to supply the suitable grease gun nipple.

Ancotech: full-service automated lubrication system specialist

Specialized in automated lubrication systems, Ancotech is your ultimate partner when it comes to the smooth functioning of your machinery and equipment. We can provide you with oil fluid pumps, diaphragm pumps, manual grease pumps, automatic grease pumps, hand operated grease pumps and accessories and hand held tools. In addition, we can assist you in the field of advice, maintenance, repair and overhaul:

  • Full service
  • Free advice
  • International shipping
  • Maintenance and repair done at our own workshop
  • Quick replacement in case of broken parts, due to our large stock
  • Wide range of lubricant solutions
  • Certified importer and dealer of Lincoln Industrial

Order grease gun fittings online

Are you in need of grease gun fittings? Place an order directly on the Ancotech webshop and we will make sure you receive your order as soon as possible. In need of more information or advice regarding which solution is most fitting for your application? You can contact us by using the contact form or calling +31 (0)72-561 65 53, we are happy to provide you with our expertise.

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