About Ancotech

Ancotech has been around since 1996, and over time has developed into an expert in lubrication systems and techniques in the broadest sense of the word. We help large and small companies in various sectors at home and abroad to improve their production output and reduce their energy and maintenance costs.

Ever since the foundation of Ancotech, we have been importer/dealer for the worldwide renowned quality brand "Lincoln Industrial". We now have an intensive partnership with many years of product experience.

SKF Lubrication Systems Distributor

Since its foundation, there has been an intensive collaboration between ‘’Lincoln Industrial’’ and Ancotech Lubrication Techniques. Founded by people with years of Lincoln product experience, we have been an importer/dealer for this worldwide renowned quality brand from the start. As of 2011 Lincoln has been taken over by SKF. As an organization it now bears the SKF name, but all the products will at all times retain the Lincoln brand. With our own service team, we provide the installation of central lubrication systems in heavy and light industry, as well as service and maintenance of existing systems.

Ancotech services

Experts in lubrication techniques

Own webshop

Adequate stock system

Advice and design

Testing and repair facilities

Installation and maintenance teams

Ancotech services

Ancotech is a specialist in automatic lubrication sytems and all associated components. We supply the correct parts from our own warehouse with an up-to-date stock system. Our own Anoctech webshop has a wide range, has all items shown in stock and ensures fast shipping.

We can also support you with our own service and installation teams. Our enthusiastic professionals are SCC certified and always have a practical solution. We do this with pleasure and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

We see every collaboration as a partnership; we think along with the wishes and needs of our customers and advise or design the possible solution for every situation. We do this for central lubrication systems in heavy and light industry, but also for existing systems.

In our own test and repair facilities we take care of maintenance, overhaul and we supply full-fledged occasions. For the large pneumatically driven volume pumps of the Lincoln PowerMaster and PileDriver series, we have a stock of reconditioned directly exchangeable pump tubes and air motors for the majority of these pumps. This way you are back in production within the shortest possible time and we can carry out the repair of the defective part afterwards.  

Ancotech, specialist in lubrication techniques. 


Our team

Stef Wit

Partner. HSE functionary / Sales / Technical support.

Started as a mechanic and now 16 years later indispensable in the office due to his field experience.


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Robèr Snoek

Head of purchasing / sales.

The expert in lubrication technology. From grease nipple to complete installation, Robèr takes care of it!


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Jaap Wit

Partner and warehouse management.

Jaap has elevated warehouse management to an art. In addition, the old master has the right answer for every ink technical application.


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Roel Klouwers

Technician mechatronics.

Roel is our (electrical) technical magician. After completing his training, he is the go-to person who is ready for all electrical/mechanical challenges!


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Sander van der Veen

Webshop management.

He leverages his digital expertise to enhance our online visibility and ensures our products are professionally photographed in our dedicated photo studio.


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Bart Ruijter

Warehouse management.

With his technical knowledge and insight, he ensures that the right products are shipped out.


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