Oil & Fluid pumps

In need of an oil pump? Then consider Ancotech, a specialist in pneumatic lubrication and pump technology. Our oil pumps range from a pressure ratio of 1:1 to 10:1, meaning there are various pressures possible depending on your designated application. In addition to oil and fluid pumps, we also have parts and accessories in our product range. View our products and place an order on the website.

How does an oil pump work?

An oil pump is a mechanical component that helps to circulate and deliver lubricating oil to other parts of machinery. The primary function is to ensure that all moving parts within machinery are adequately lubricated to reduce friction and prevent excessive wear and tear. The lubrication of machinery prolongs machine life and plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and performance. It operates under various pressures to accommodate different types of machinery and their operational demands.

But how does an oil hand pump work? The pump consists of a cylindrical body with an intake and discharge valve, a piston or plunger and a handle. To use the pump, the machine operator inserts the tube into the source of the oil and seals it to ensure airtightness. By repeatedly pushing and pulling the handle, the piston inside the pump creates a low-pressure zone in the chamber. This low-pressure area causes lubricant to be sucked up through the tube and into the pump chamber. When the piston is pushed, it forces oil out through the valve.

The right drum trolley

When selecting the right drum trolley for your manual oil pump, it is important to consider the compatibility and ease of use. Drum trolleys are designed to be capable of handling heavy loads. They should also fit various oil drum sizes and types to ensure a secure and stable platform for both operation and transport. A sturdy frame supports the weight of the drum, so you can easily handle the oil pump for operational efficiency.

The drum trolleys and hand trucks in our product range are designed for smaller drums such as 5 to 10 kg and 15 to 50 kg. Are you working with a bigger drum or barrel of a weight up to 200 kg? Then we recommend opting for a drum dolly that is specifically designed for big drums and barrels, allowing you to use the oil pump without compromising safety. The larger models can safely manage the additional weight and size.

Lincoln, Pressol and Graco lubrication solutions

Ancotech is a trusted Lincoln Industry, Pressol and Graco partner, providing you with a comprehensive range of oil pumps and other solutions. We not only import and offer their products, you can also use our reliable services for advice, installation, maintenance and repairs to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible. As a specialist in automatic lubrication systems we offer multiple machinery and equipment lubrication solutions such as:

Ancotech: official partner and distributor of Lincoln Industrial

As mentioned above, we are proud to share that we are an official partner and distributor of Lincoln Industrial. This means we offer a total package of Lincoln products, are always ready to provide our customers with professional advice regarding their solutions and can carry out repairs on your Lincoln equipment, such as the Lincoln oil pump. Lincoln is a quality brand that is widely used in lubrication applications to this day. When carrying out repairs, this will be done at our workshop in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. Next to our workshop being based here, this is also where we ship from and have a large stock of pumps, accessories and other components for a vast majority of their products.

Maintenance and repair services

If your equipment – like a manual Lincoln oil pump or other oil pumps – requires maintenance or if you encounter any defects, you have the option to bring it to our workshop so we can swiftly handle this. We specialize in the maintenance and repair equipment. At Ancotech, we maintain an inventory of oil hand pump components and accessories, enabling us to promptly replace any damaged parts or address defects in our workshop. To ensure the uninterrupted flow of your production, we advise you to reach out to us when in need of substitute lubrication systems.

At Ancotech we offer:

  • Full service
  • Non-binding advice
  • Maintenance and repair done at our workshop in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands
  • Quick replacement in case of broken parts, due to our large stock
  • Wide range of lubricant solutions

Order the oil pump that fits your needs

When looking for a manual oil pump for your desired application, Ancotech is the number one webshop to purchase your equipment from. Place your order directly on our website. Subsequently we ship both domestic and international orders through DHL’s parcel service. Do you have any specific questions about an oil hand pump or a different pump? Then you are free to contact our experienced team. Leave a message and your contact information in our contact form, send an e-mail or call +31 (0)72-561 65 53 for direct contact.