Grease gun accessories

Grease Gun Accessories

Are you looking for grease gun accessories? Then you have come to the right place. Ancotech Lubrication Technology has a wide range of grease gun accessories and other spare parts for hand grease guns. This way we can always provide you with a suitable solution.

Anatomy of a Grease Gun

  • The lever is used in manual configurations of the grease gun for hand-pumping the grease from the barrel to the hose or tube.
  • The trigger and handle are used in manual configurations of the grease gun for hand-pumping the grease from the barrel to the hose or tube in a similar way as the lever.
  • The barrel is the exoskeleton of the grease gun that houses either the grease tube or the grease supplied from bulk storage.
  • The grease tube (or cartridge) is an inserted housing of grease that is replaceable when grease is depleted.
  • The hydraulic coupler (or connector) is the connection point that holds the hose or fixed tube attached to the head of the grease gun.
  • The head of the grease gun contains grease pathways and valves that allow the pumping of grease to travel from the barrel into the flexible hose or fixed tube.
  • The filler nipple is the injection point for grease from a filler pump.
  • The air-release nipple allows air to escape after new grease has been added to the grease gun and pumped into the head.
  • The spring provides the pressure onto the plunger.
  • The follower rod (piston rod, barrel rod, plunger rod) helps the plunger follow a uniform path as it keeps pressure on the bottom end of the grease tube. It also acts in pulling back the spring prior to inserting a new grease tube.
  • The follower handle offers a grip when pulling the follower rod prior to inserting a new grease tube.
  • The plunger provides uniform pressure to the back end of the grease tube as grease is depleted.
  • The flexible hose is used interchangeably with a fixed tube for flexible positioning of the connector or coupler.
  • The fixed tube is a rigid form of a flexible hose.
  • Connectors, Adapters and Couplers

    A grease gun may come with the standard connection adapter such as a hydraulic coupler, but there are several variations depending on the application. The standard hydraulic coupler is the most commonly used and most applicable. A 90-degree adapter is ideal for fittings in confined areas that require a 90-degree bend. A needle-end adapter provides a thin, precise amount of grease for tight places, while a three-jaw swivel coupler offers a variety of locking positions for different applications.

    Flexible Hose versus Fixed Tube

    The decision to use a flexible hose or a fixed tube depends on the machine’s grease-fitting type and ease of location, as well as the type of grease gun used. For example, a hard-to-reach location would benefit from a flexible tube. On the other hand, lever-style grease guns require both hands to pump the grease and would favor the fixed-tube alternative.

    Grease gun accessories

    Grease gun meters can be retrofitted onto a grease gun to help optimize lubricant consumption. Plastic caps provide benefits such as preventing corrosion and debris. They also can be color-coded so that cross-contamination does not occur. Other accessories such as sonic/ultrasonic devices are also available.

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    Ancotech has been a specialist in the field of lubrication technology for decades. We help large and small companies in various sectors at home and abroad to improve their production output and reduce their energy and maintenance costs.

    Since the start of Ancotech, there has been intensive cooperation with our quality partner “Lincoln Industrial”, of which we are dealer and importer.

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