PMV Pumps

Lincoln's new PMV family of grease and oil pumps represents 100 years of high quality engineering, technology and manufacturing. The unique, modular design of these pumps includes: precision machined parts made from durable materials that allow a longer life of the PMV pump. Based on Lincoln's proven PowerMaster III air logic pump technology. The PMV pump is a simple design with few moving parts. This translates into exceptional performance, long life and low maintenance costs.

If you are looking for a PMV pump, Ancotech Lubrication Technology is the right place to look. In addition to having various parts and accessories for PMV pumps in stock, we also have the expertise to carry out such repairs.

Buy your PMV pump at Ancotech Lubrication Technology

  • Free and non-binding advice for every problem;
  • Repair and overhaul done in our own workshop;
  • Large stock, broken parts can be replaced quickly;
  • Wide range of products, fast shipping;
  • Full service from A to Z. We offer a solution for every problem;

Can't find the pmv pump you're looking for? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you out.

Ancotech has a wide range of PMV pumps

At Ancotech Lubrication Technology we have various PMV pumps in stock. In addition, we also have various assembled configurations in stock, such as PMV pumps with pump lift, follower plate. The follower plate has a strong rubber edge that closes well along the inner wall of the barrel and scrapes all the grease with it. As a result, the space under the follower plate is completely closed off, so that the pump will not draw air bubbles, and the vessel is almost empty. When the drum is empty, air can be blown under the follower plate with a valve, so that the follower plate with pump is pressed out of the drum, after which the lift will keep the pump up so that a drum can be exchanged efficiently.

Ancotech Service

Ancotech has a specially equipped workshop to disassemble, clean, inspect and repair your pneumatic plunger or diaphragm pump. With a large stock of parts, we are able to carry out most repairs quickly and adequately.

We also have a large number of refurbished pumps in stock that can be used as exchange pumps. This way you can immediately continue with your production. Your old pump will be refurbished. This will then go back into our stock of overhauled pumps.

Order your PMV Pump

Are you looking for a pneumatic pump or parts? Then place an order directly on our website. Interested in service and installation, or if you just have any questions. You can do so by filling in the contact form or calling +31 (0)72 - 561 65 53

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