Lubrication pinions

Lubrication pinion

Specially developed by Lincoln for the lubrication of open gear drives.

  • Continuous innovative lubricating film due to special surface structure
  • Robust and durable
  • The rolling movement of this pinion ensures a 100% lubricating film on the flanks, reducing friction and wear.

Lubrication pinion inside view



The special internal construction of the pinion ensures that lubrication is only carried out in the contact area with the tooth flanks. The remaining teeth of the pinion are then closed and will not release any lubricant until they are also in contact with the gear. Thereby only lubricant is delivered on the contact surface of the flank, not on the entire tooth, thereby preventing excessive lubrication and filling.


A: Lubricant under pressure
B: Release of lubricant
C: Lubricant pressureless

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