Pneumatic Oil pumps

Are you looking for a pneumatic oil pump? This type of pump is used to transfer fluids with a low viscosity such as motor oil, antifreeze and transmission oil. Pneumatic oil pumps are wall-mounted or can be placed directly on a tank, ensuring a smooth use of the pump and stimulating machinal productivity. Complete your equipment by adding accessories to further enhance the pump system. Find the oil pump suited for your usage and place an order on the Ancotech website.

What is a pneumatic oil pump?

A pneumatic oil pump is a type of pump that uses air pressure to move oil and is a popular solution because of its high efficiency, ease of installation and low cost. In contrast to other types of pumps, such as an electric or hydraulic pump, it only uses air to function. Additional to that, pneumatic oil pumps are also easy to maintain. Where other types of pumps require energy sources such as electricity, the pneumatic oil pump is a safe solution in industries where there is a high risk of electrical discharge. They are also relatively light and compact, making them easy to install and move.

Ideal for a wide variety of liquids

Pneumatic oil pumps are suitable for a wide variety of liquids, including oil, water and even chemicals. These types of oil pumps are frequently used in industrial environments like the oil and gas industry, but are also useful for other applications. Examples of these applications are pumping water from sewers or moving chemicals in the pharmaceutical industry. Are cost effectivity and efficiency important values for your company? Then pneumatic oil pumps are the right solution to move liquids.

Ancotech: your trusted partner

Ancotech is a trusted Lincoln Industry partner, Pressol partner and Graco partner, providing you with a comprehensive range of products and solutions. We not only import and offer their products, you can also use our reliable services for advice, installation, maintenance and repairs to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible. As a specialist in automatic lubrication systems we offer multiple machinery and equipment lubrication solutions such as:

Maintenance and repair services

If your equipment requires maintenance or has any defects, you can bring it to our workshop. We specialize in disassembling, cleaning, inspecting and efficiently repairing pneumatic oil pumps. With an extensive stock of parts and accessories, we can easily replace any broken components or address defects right away. To ensure uninterrupted production activities, we ask you to get in touch with us to discuss the possibility of using a replacement pneumatic grease pump to keep your production running smoothly.

Ancotech: wide range of lubricant solutions

  • Full service
  • Free advice
  • International shipping
  • Maintenance and repair done at our own workshop
  • Quick replacement in case of broken parts, due to our large stock
  • Wide range of lubricant solutions for every situation
  • Certified importer and dealer of Lincoln Industrial

Upon purchasing your pneumatic oil pump, we will make sure that it is delivered to you promptly. We ship all domestic and international orders via DHL from our Netherlands-based warehouse. Are you looking to check product availability? All items displayed on our website are in stock. We use an adequate stock system that is always up to date, because we want to ensure that our clients receive the best service. In addition to that, our team of professionals is VCA certified and can support you with service and installation.

Order a pneumatic oil pump

Looking for a pneumatic oil pump? Place an order on our website and we will ensure a quick delivery. Do you have any specific questions or service-related issues? Please contact us by filling in our contact form or by calling +31 (0)72-561 65 53.

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