Grease pumps

Our Lincoln automatic grease pumps are typically used in general industry and for the lubrication of construction machines and other mobile applications. The multi-line and progressive systems provide continuous lubrication as long as the automatic grease pump is filled with material. For systems with more than one lubrication point over a relatively short distance, a multi-line system is not always efficient. Progressive systems or combined systems are often the right solution for this.


Are you looking for an automatic grease pump?

Ancotech Smeertechniek can provide you with different configurations of grease pumps of the quality brand “Lincoln Industrial”. For example, at Ancotech Smeertechniek we always have several grease pumps in stock. We can supply automatic grease pumps of 12v, 24v, 230v and 400v from stock, for example grease pumps such as the p203, p502, p215 or p401.


QLS 401

The Lincoln QLS 401 automatic grease pump is a completely monitored grease lubrication system that can be supplied with or without a low-level indicator up to 18 lubrication points. These QLS grease pumps can be supplied with or without a pre-assembled SSV distributor.

These QLS 401 automatic grease pumps can be supplied with 12V, 24V DC or 120V, 230V AC. The grease pumps are equipped with an integrated controller for controlling working hours. If desired, the pumps can also be supplied without this function.


Lincoln P203

The Lincoln P203 is versatile, compact and economical and can grease up to 150 grease points. Depending on the length of the line. This automatic grease pump consists of a housing with integrated motor, reservoir with stirring blade, pump element with pressure relief valve, filling nipple and automatic connection parts. This powerful pump can be upgraded to three pump elements and can be equipped with a low-level controller (with or without a controller board).


Lincoln P215

The P215 centralized pump is a high pressure, multi-line automatic grease pump with 15 adjustable pump elements and is used in multi-line and progressive systems. These pumps can be used for direct supply grease lubrication, but also as a centralized automatic grease pump.


Are you looking for a specific configuration of the p203 or another automatic grease pump and you can't find it in our webshop? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.


Lincoln Industrial & Ancotech Lubrication Technology

For more than 60 years, Lincoln has supplied the technologically advanced pumps needed for today's demanding applications in industrial pumping systems. These pumps excel in applications ranging from transferring lighter fluids (oils, solvents, adhesives, etc.) or pumping medium viscosity materials (RTV silicones, greases, coatings, plastisols, offset inks, etc.) to the real heavy lifting of pumping very high viscosity materials (ink lushes, epoxies, mastics, etc.). These systems can be found in a variety of industries including printing and publishing, automotive manufacturing, rotational molding and other demanding industries that require proven systems for the application of their materials in manufacturing.


Service at Ancotech Smeertechniek

-> Free and non-binding customized advice for every problem;

-> Repairs and revisions are done in our own workshop;

-> Large stock, which means that broken parts can be replaced quickly;

-> Wide range of parts, so that the best solution can always be proposed;

-> Full service from A to Z from a real specialist.

Questions about maintenance or overhaul? Please feel free to contact us.


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Are you looking for an automatic grease pump for central lubrication or parts thereof? Then place an order directly via our website. For questions you can contact us without obligation. You can do this by filling in the contact form or call +31 (0)72 - 561 65 53.

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