Oil pumps

Looking to purchase a Lincoln oil pump? When machines need to be provided with a continuous oil supply in an automatic lubrication system, an oil pump is the solution for this matter. Ancotech is a certified Lincoln supplier, meaning that we offer Lincoln Quicklub lubrication systems that are the perfect solution for lubricating chains. This high-quality range of Lincoln is typically used in industries that require lubrication of small and medium-sized machinery and other mobile applications. View the oil pumps in our webshop and place an order. The reservoirs vary from 1 to 30 litres.

Lincoln oil pump: smart lubrication system

Lincoln’s state-of-the-art technology ensures reliable performance under varying operational conditions. At Ancotech we can provide you with different and easy to operate configurations of lubrication systems of the manufacturer Lincoln from stock. These smart lubrication systems from the Lincoln Quicklub range come in 24V, 230V and 400V. Designed to optimize the lubrication process, the oil pump enhances the efficiency and longevity of your machinery. In addition, the customization options allow you to tailor your lubrication system to meet your machinery’s or industry’s requirements.

For more than 60 years, Lincoln has supplied their technologically advanced pumps needed for today’s demanding applications in the industries they are required. With oil pumps and other lubrication solutions that excel in applications ranging from transferring lighter liquids such as oils, solvents and adhesives to pumping medium viscosity materials like silicones, greases, inks and coatings to the heavier materials such as epoxies. Lincoln’s systems can be found in a variety of industries including printing and publishing, automotive manufacturing, rotational molding and other demanding industries.

Lincoln P203

The Lincoln P203 is a versatile, compact and economical oil pump that can grease up to 150 points depending on the length of the line. The oil pump consists of a housing with integrated motor and has a reservoir with a stirring blade that keeps the lubricants evenly distributed and free from sedimentation, ensuring consistent lubrication and reducing the risk of blockages. Furthermore, the oil pumps have a pump element with pressure relief valve, filling nipple and electrical connection parts. Want to upgrade the pump? Then add extra pump elements and equip it with a low-level controller.

Lincoln P205

The P205 of Lincoln is a central lubrication unit with a high-pressure multi-line lubrication pump that has the option to add up to 5 pump elements. This oil pump is frequently used in progressive lubrication systems, but is also extremely suitable as a direct supply lubrication system. Its robust design ensures consistent performance even in harsh industrial environments. Moreover, the P205's flexible configuration options make it adaptable for a wide range of machinery and equipment needs.

Lincoln P215

In need of an oil pump with up to 15 adjustable pump elements? This oil pump is similar to the P205, but is designed to handle larger and more complex lubrication requirements. The P215 model has an enhanced capacity, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications. These pumps can be used for direct supply grease lubrication, but also as a centralized lubrication system when using oil. Find the Lincoln solutions that fits your machinery’s needs.

Our wide product range

In our product range you will find more lubrication solutions than just the different configurations of the Lincoln oil pump, such as an oil hand pump and pneumatic grease guns. To give you an idea of the extensive range, we have listed a handful of our products:

Ancotech’s full service

At Ancotech we are able to offer you full service. This means that next to being a supplier of lubrication technology systems, we are happy to help you with maintenance, installation and overhaul services too. With non-binding advice we can find a fitting solution for every situation or problem. Our team of experts is committed to providing efficient service, ensuring minimal downtime for your operations. Furthermore, we stay updated with the latest advancements in lubrication technology, allowing us to offer the most innovative solutions.

Place an order or feel free to contact us

Have you found the Lincoln oil pump that you were looking for? Then place an order in our webshop. We ship domestically and internationally through DHL from our warehouse based in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. Given the variety in our stock programme, we advise you to contact us if you are in any doubt about which oil pump or other lubrication system to choose for your lubrication application. You can do this by filling in our contact form or by calling +31 (0)72-561 65 53.

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