Pressure relief valves

Are you looking for a pressure relief valve or several pressure relief valves for your automatic lubrication system? In our program you will find various valves that are suitable for this application. You can also contact us for other components for your lubrication system, including valves, grease pumps,oil pumps, distributors and grease brushes.

What is and how does a pressure relief valve work?

With a pressure relief valve you prevent the pressure from exceeding the maximum allowable pressure of your system. The maximum pressure depends on the maximum permissible pressure of the grease pump or oil pump used and the underlying network consisting of distributors, couplings, pipes and hoses.

Different pressure relief valve models and versions

Not every pressure relief valve is equally suitable for your lubrication system A pressure relief valve may be suitable for one system, but completely unsuitable for another. For example:

In a lubrication system where the pressure relief valve is mounted in sight and the system is regularly visually checked for operation and reservoir level, the use of only a pressure relief valve is sufficient. If there is no regular visual inspection, a pressure switch that registers the maximum pressure is necessary. This can give a signal on a monitor or be directly linked to a lamp for a light signal, or a siren for a sound signal. It is also possible to switch off the pump via the pressure switch so that further pressure build-up is prevented.

Buy a pressure relief valve? You should pay attention to this

How do you know which pressure relief valves you need? First, consider the minimum and maximum working pressure of the valve – it must match that of your system. In addition, pay close attention to the blow-off capacity (fast enough?), the housing and sealing materials, the adjustability and check whether the valve you have in mind has the correct approvals for the intended application. Do you have questions about which pressure relief valve is suitable? Please feel free to contact us.

Guidelines for overprint

  • 350 bar - Pump systems P203, P205 and P215 that do not use plastic PA pipes.
  • 270 bar - Pump systems P502, P203 and P205 using plastic PA pipes secondary from the distributor. So not from the pump element to the distributor – an HD hose or steel pipe must be used here.
  • 200 bar - Pump systems P502, P203 and P502 where only plastic PA pipes are used.
  • Other available overpressures without specific guideline apply are 150, 120 and 80 bar.

Our offer

Our T-model pressure relief valves for direct mounting on a pump element are available with a cutting ring connection for pipe sizes 6 & 8 mm and with a push-in connection for a 6 mm PA pipe or HD hose ( two-piece coupling with 6mm pipe end incl. clamping groove). In addition, the T-models with a 6mm cutting ring connection and a maximum overpressure of 350 bar are also available with a grease nipple for pre-lubrication in both a right-hand and left-hand version.

Furthermore, the screw-in pressure relief valves have a ¼ BSP external thread and an M5 internal thread. This is suitable for connecting a drain pipe. The 'pipe end' pressure relief valves have a 10 millimeter pipe end for direct mounting on a cutting ring coupling connection.

Lincoln Industrial

Since our inception, we have maintained close ties with the quality brand Lincoln Industrial. We are an official importer of this brand and almost all our pressure relief valves come from Lincoln. Lincoln products are known worldwide as high quality and reliable.

The advantages of Ancotech

We have been the preferred supplier of lubrication systems, air-driven pumps and all necessary components for more than 25 years. You can also contact us for many other services. This includes installation of central lubrication systems and service and maintenance of existing systems.

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Order pressure relief valve? This is how you do it

Ordering parts for your lubrication system online has never been so easy. Simply choose the pressure relief valve that best suits your system and requirements and press the green 'Add to Cart' button. Then you pay by entering your delivery details, selecting the desired shipping method n (DHL or pick up) and by choosing a payment method (iDeal, Bancontact, Paypal and more).

Contact us

Not all your questions answered? Or are you looking for a pressure relief valve that cannot be found in our range? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone (072-5616553) or mail .

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