Pressure gauges

Manometers, also called pressure gauges, are instruments to measure the pressure of a gas or liquid in a system. A manometer instrument or pressure gauge is often used to measure the air pressure, water pressure or in our case grease or oil pressure in a system. Most pressure gauges use the tube spring principle (Bourdon) and show the pressure via a needle deflection on a dial in bar. Measuring pressure is important to monitor the quality of a process, but also to detect leaks or pressure build-up.

Ancotech Lubrication Technology has a wide range of pressure gauges. Our standard ∅ 63mm models are glycerine filled and have a stainless steel case. This makes it usable over a very wide range in almost all industrial and hydraulic applications. We also have pressure gauges with a steel or ABS case ∅40 & 50mm.

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Bourdon gauges

At Ancotech Lubrication Technology we mainly have Bourdon Pressure Gauges in our range. A Bourdon pressure gauge, also called a tube spring pressure gauge, has a flattened tube (Bourdon tube) with a closed end. Often formed in a spiral or C shape. When pressure is applied to the inside of the tube, by means of a liquid, the shape changes from flat/oval to round. This change of shape creates a pattern of movement at the end of the tube. This is converted into a rotating pointer by means of a pivot point with sector gear. A reduction in pressure will cause the Bourdon tube to return to its original position.

This is by far, due to its linearity and extreme sensitivity, the most accurate and widely used type of pressure gauge. With these pressure gauges you can measure extremely accurate pressures from 0.6 to 7000 bar.

At Ancotech Lubrication Technology, the pressure gauges are frequently used on the central lubrication systems. You will mainly find glycerine-filled manometers with us, this prevents pressure surges due to vibrations or shocks that take place in the system. The glycerine dampens it so that a stable pressure is displayed by the manometer.

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