Graco diaphragm pump HUSKY 515, AC, AC, PTFE, PTFE, 1/2 BSP

This Husky 515 diaphragm pump is equipped with double diaphragm pumps. The diaphragm pumps with a pressure ratio of 1:1 are ideally suited for pumping chemical liquids such as, Antifreeze, Cleaning Agents, Resin, Polymers, Engine Oil, Lubricant and Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Cutting Oil, Water - Wastewater Processing and Ink. The pump tube and balls of this diaphragm pump are made of acetal, the diaphragms of ptfe and the seats of teflon. Due to the linear movement of the diaphragms, a vacuum is always created in the pump chamber, as a result of which the material is sucked in and further pressed via the ball valve. This husky 515 diaphragm pump has a maximum pump capacity of 57 ltr/min and a working pressure of up to 7 bar.

Chemical Compatibility Guide

Type number D5A211

Connection 1/2" Maximum output 57 l/min


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Graco diaphragm pump HUSKY 515, AC, AC, PTFE, PTFE, 1/2 BSP D5A211

Graco Diaphragm pump
Model  Husky 515
Type D5A211
Maximum operating pressure 7 bar
Maximum output 57 l/min
Connection 1/2 Gas
Air connection 1/4 
Center section Polypropylene
Pump sections Acetal
Seats Acetal
Balls PTFE
Diaphragms PTFE
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