Which grease pumps are there?

Pumps are widely used in the industrial sector and to lubricate heavy (mobile) machines at various points. The grease pumps used for this are different. We are familiar with the pneumatic and electric grease pump, both with different applications. Below you will find a brief explanation of the different grease pumps.

These systems range from simple one-line lubrication systems to complex, two-line systems and of course the pneumatic lubrication and filling pumps.

A number of things are important to know when lubricating machines. The number of lubrication points, how much volume of grease does each lubrication point require? And the frequency, how often should you lubricate. It is also important what kind of pump pressure the grease pump has, the hos/pipe diameter and the distance to the various lubrication points.

Here are some different grease pumps and their applications.


Hand operated grease pump

The hand-operated grease pump is ideal for the use on machines, bearings, for filling reservoirs of central lubrication systems or filling grease guns.

There are hand-operated grease pumps for grease buckets from 18 kg to 50 kg.

If the hand operated grease pump is to be used mobile, it is recommended that you use a hand truck. These grease pumps are extremely suitable as mobile grease pumps.

A complete manual grease pump kit consists of:

  • The grease pump
  • Drum cover
  • Drum bracket
  • Follow plate
  • Grease hose
  • Nozzle or shortcut


Pneumatic grease pump

The pneumatic grease pump is widely used in garages and in agriculture and horticulture for machine lubrication, lubricating bearings or for example filling reservoirs of central lubrication systems and filling grease guns.

The pneumatic grease pump has various pressure ratios. Some pressure ratios are more suitable for a particular application than others. If you are in doubt about which grease pump is best for you, it is advisable to get advice from a specialist.

Pneumatic grease pumps are suitable for grease buckets from 18 kg to drums of 200 kg. By means of a drum trolley or hand truck, these applications are extremely suitable as a mobile grease pump. Please note that these grease pumps must be connected to compressed air.

Using the pneumatic grease pump or filling pump ensures that you can do your work cleanly and neatly. Additionally, this grease pump can serve as the basis for a progressive Quicklub system or a 1-line or 2-line Centro-matic central lubrication system.

A complete pneumatic grease pump kit consists of:

  • The grease pump
  • Drum cover
  • Drum bracket
  • Follow plate
  • Grease hose
  • Grease or filling gun


Electric grease pumps

Central lubrication systems use electric grease pumps. These electric grease pumps are available in different voltages ranging from 12 volts to 400 volts.

These single-line, multi-line and progressive systems provide continuous lubrication as long as the electric grease pump is filled with material . For systems with more than one lubrication point over a relatively short distance, a multiline system is not always efficient. Progressive systems or combined systems are often the right solution for this.

Centralized lubrication systems are primarily designed to make the maintenance process easier and safer. Lubrication points are sometimes difficult to reach, especially in confined spaces, when equipment is in operation. However, the main advantage of central lubrication is the continuous application of small amounts of grease, which extends the life of the equipment, thanks to the even supply of grease.

With proper use and careful maintenance, centralized grease pumps can increase technician productivity and simplify the equipment maintenance processes.

Central lubrication systems, as described above, provide multiple lubrication points through one grease pump. These grease pumps run continuously or are equipped with an interval timer. It works like this:

  • Reservoir: Provides a large amount of grease that can be kept clean and available to the system. Make sure it stays closed. Don't make a hole in the reservior to add grease (trust me we've seen it).
  • Pump: Ensures the flow of grease and the build-up of pressure in the hose or pipe(s). The pump size depends on the distance between the pump and the farthest injector or distributor.
  • Controller: Manages pressure on the system by turning pressure supply valves on and off based on time or cycle. Through a sensor, it can also receive signals indicating a limited or failed grease flow to the bearing. In addition, a sensor is possible as a low-level indicator.

With proper use and maintenance, centralized grease pumps can increase technician productivity and simplify equipment maintenance processes.


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