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Lubrication midi digger

Complete central lubrication for this white Kubota 8 ton midi digger. The crane is equipped with a mast with a third bend and has a permanently attached tiltrotator.

All of this is connected to the Lincoln central lubrication system. The Lincoln P203 grease pump ensures that all lubrication points receive the correct amount of lubricant. Large lubrication points or intensively moving points receive more lubricant and small or almost stationary lubrication points less lubricant.


All deviders and pipes are professionally applied by our own installation team.


ink tank fill system

An impressive row of seven used Lincoln PowerMaster® ink pumps. These pumps excel in applications for pumping viscous materials such as offset ink in this case. With a pressure ratio of 24:1, ink filters and level sensors for empty vessel monitoring.

Installed with self-curved high pressure hydraulic tubing. With this automatic installation, the presses can run consistently and productivity is higher.


Supplied including a system developed by Ancotech to change the barrels, which also makes it health and safety sound working. Start the presses!


washing machine installation

We have equipped this washing machine for vegetables with a Lincoln Quicklub P203 grease pump of two liters with a closed reservoir and a conntection voltage of 24 volts. The Lincoln pump keeps track of the lubrication and pause time and has an overpressure protection of 350 bar. There is one (SSVD) divider that divides the lubricant into four 1st generation (SSV) manifolds that transport the lubricant in the correct quantity directly to the consumers. In this case, the consumers are two conveyor belts, two drive drums, five assembly lines and two pivot points with a total of 30 lubrication points. 

After we first made a design, our installation team installed everything on location. This particular machine now has a constant lubrication on all major mechanical components.