Loxeal Thread Seal 53-14 50ML

Seal for pneumatic and hydraulic connections.

For sealing and strengthening pipe thread connections against compressed air, gases, water, oil and other industrial liquids. Ideal to replace hemp and PTFE tapes. Anaerobic thread sealing adhesives have excellent resistance to vibration and heat. In addition to the 53-14, this Threadsealing is available in various strengths and is certified to a number of international standards, including DVGW, NSF, WRAS, KTW and BAM.

Colour: Brown

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Loxeal Thread Sealant 53-14 50ML

Loxeal Thread Sealant
Type 53-14
Viscosity mPa.s at 25°C 500
Max. diameter of thread 3/4''
Max. gap filling 0,15
Breakaway (N/m) 12-16
Temperature range -55°C +150°C
Capacity ml 50
Colour Bruin
Exchangable with Loctite 542