Lithium MP EP-2 grease cartridge 400g QualiTack 122

QualiTack 122 is a lithium grease based on mineral oils. The product contains antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. It also contains a small amount of polymer to enhance adhesion. The high quality components of this product ensure a long lifetime of both product and equipment. 


  • Very good mechanical stability
  • Splendid rust protection
  • Good oxidation stability
  • Good load carrying capacity



Qualitack 122 is used in industrial and agriculture applications for the lubrication of low rev., high load bearings and is suitable for use under the following circumstances: high pressure, high operating temperatures, irregularly shocking and trembling, wet/dirty and dusty circumstances. QualiTack 122 may also be used for truck-chassis fifth-wheel greasing. 

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Lithium MP EP-2 grease cartridge 400g QualiTack 122

Technical specifications    
Type   Qualitack 122
Thickener   Lithium 12-HSA
Base oil   Mineral 
Colour Visual Amber
Consistency ASTM D217 NLGI 2
Drop point Mettler >280 °C
Base oil viscosity @ 40 °C Iso 3140 280 mm²/s
Base oil viscosity @ 40 °C Iso 3140 21 mm²/s 
4-Ball weld load DIN 51350 2800 N
Temperature Continuos period -25 °C - 130 °C
Temperature Short period @ max 150 °C
Package type   Cartridge 400gr