PowerMaster pumps

Ancotech is a specialist in the PowerMaster® series of Lincoln. With this high-quality line of plunger pumps, Lincoln offers a solution for demanding applications. These powermaster pumps excel in applications ranging from the pumping of light liquids (oil, solvents, etc.) to medium viscous materials (grease, offset ink, etc.) as well as heavy viscous (pasty) materials.

Knowledge and Expertise

Ancotech has built up broad expertise over the years with this series of pumps. For example, in the past 16 years we have been able to do various beautiful projects for large and small printing companies throughout the Netherlands. This includes placing and installing both new and overhauled powermaster pumps. In addition, you have of course also come to the right place for service and overhaul of PowerMaster®. After all, we have extensive experience in overhauling these pumps.

We also have a large number of refurbished pumps in stock that can be used as exchange pumps. This way you can immediately continue with your production, and we will overhaul your pump after disassembly or receipt of return. This will then go back into our stock of overhauled pumps.

Ancotech Lubrication Technology

  • Our professionals provide free, no-obligation advice;
  • In house repair and overhaul;
  • No production downtime, we ensure that you can continue with an exchange pump;
  • Very large stock of parts, so broken parts can be replaced quickly;
  • Full service from A to Z. We offer a solution for every problem.


Lincoln has developed the special PowerMaster® and PileDriver® pumps to tackle the difficult task of pumping thick liquids. Lincoln is the preferred pump system for many industrial applications.

For high volume applications of viscous materials from standard drums or bulk tanks. These Powermaster® pumps contain the same fully pneumatic, modular air motors as the Piledriver® pumps. Along with the AirBrake option and a wide variety of packings and other materials, PileDriver III pumps feature a patented leak-proof stuffing box design that protects the pump in the event of a stuffing box failure, preventing the pump motor from failing.

Powermaster Air engine features

These fully pneumatic air motors are simpler and more reliable than older designs. The air motors are 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches (76, 101, 152, 203 and 254 mm) in diameter. In addition, it has an air signal valve that is activated at the end of each stroke. The modular construction makes the air motors easy to install, maintain and upgrade with options such as an AirBrake™. Furthermore, these engines feature a built-in muffler that meets OSHA requirements. These pneumatic air motors can also be fitted with an Airbrake. The AirBrake stops the runaway pump, prevents product spillage, prevents damage and excessive wear and activates an optional remote alarm device. In some cases the AirBrake is already installed. If this is not the case, it can be ordered separately as model 85317. For remote error signaling, order the signal switch model 244398.

Lincoln Industrial & Ancotech Lubrication Technology

Lincoln has been providing technologically advanced pumps for demanding industrial applications for over 60 years, with PowerMaster® pumps excelling in transferring light fluids, medium viscosity materials, and high viscosity materials. These pumps can be found in various industries, including printing and publishing, automotive manufacturing, and rotational molding.

Place your order immediately?

To learn more about PowerMaster® pumps, or to inquire about repair or overhaul services, please contact Ancotech by phone at +31 (0)72 561 65 53 or by filling out their contact form. They will be happy to assist you.

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